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Asked a question 2 years ago

I was creating my Trial dynamics 365 online. I follow the video in Part-1 about how to crate plug-in, And How To Register this Plug-in, and that's all fine. In PluginRegistration tools I Clicked Start Profile And Choose Execution In Radio Button, Then In My CRM System I Get The Text File Log. After That I click the debug button in PluginRegistrationTool , BUT When I choose the Text File I Get This Error: An Error Occurd While Parsing The Plug-in's Profile From File ....txt .The Details For This Error : Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Unable to parse the OrganizationServiceFault. Parameter name: serializedReport at PluginProfiler.Library.ProfilerUtility.ExtractReport(String serializedReport) at PluginProfiler.Library.ProfilerUtility.DeserializeProfilerReport(String assemblyFilePath, String logFilePath, Boolean isCrmDataStream) at PluginProfiler.Library.ProfilerExecutionUtility.RetrieveReport(String logFilePath, Boolean isCrmDataStream) at Microsoft.Crm.Tools.PluginRegistration.CommonControls.Helper.ParseReportOrShowError(Window window, FileBrowserView profilePathControl, Boolean requireReportParse, ProfilerPluginReport& report) Inner Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: File does not contain a valid serialized OrganizationServiceFault. at PluginProfiler.Library.ProfilerUtility.ConvertFaultToStream(String serializedFault) at PluginProfiler.Library.ProfilerUtility.ExtractReport(String serializedReport) What I did is Exactly the same videos i was following!! BUT I don't know where is the problem, Please Any Idea, What is the solution!!

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