In this, learn the basics of how to create and edit a model-driven app by using the tile-based app designer.

  • To create an app, Open Power Apps -->select the Apps --> select new app and choose model-driven app.     
  • After selecting the model-driven app, you can view a page called Create a New App in App Designer.
    • Name: I suggested a name called mortgage central hub for an app.
    • Unique Name: The unique name is automatically populated based on the name block that you specified. It contains a publisher prefix, you can change the part of the unique name that's editable. The unique name can have only English characters and numbers.
    • Icon: I preferred default image thumbnail.
    • I chose a check box on the existing solution.
    • Select Next.
  • Select solution from an existing solution. You can configure the sitemap. Click on done

 After clicking on done, it shows the model-driven app. If you want to edit a model-driven app like configure the sitemap or workflows, entities, etc,. can make changes to it. After the changes made. Save and publish the model driven app.